City Boy in the Wilderness

It’s Saturday and it’s 3:09pm, the only reason I am aware of the time is due to my Mac Book Pro. Not knowing the time has been a luxury on this campground. I came here with my friend Dominick’s family. Months ago Dominick suggested numerous time I should come to his house. Despite many preconceived notions, I finally gave it a chance. All my assumptions had never been more wrong. Long story made short his family loved me and I loved them. Five months later I’m here at Monguap Pond in Upstate New York with them for five days. My phone is dead. No point since there is any service in this mountainous area. I’m enjoying the lack of technology. This has been a very interesting and enjoyable journey for me. The exciting part though is that it has only been a day or so. Not knowing the time has never felt like something I would enjoy. Back in the Bronx and out in society, I’m always worried about time. How much time I have left with my friends? How much time until I need to find a job? How much time I should wait to do things? I’m always preoccupied with time in our fast-pace society.

This camping trip has been a trip filled with firsts. My first of these were my fishing experience, my first time in a canoe, rowboat, and kayak. I was also helped to pitch a tent. While out on the Pond I encountered about four or five fish. All of them I was never able to reel in. I spend hours just enjoying the quiet and freeing my mind. Thinking about my life, my friends, and my family. This camping trip has left me feeling more balanced and calm then I have even been in a long while.

This chance to just lounge around in the out doors. Everything feels better here; breathing, sleeping, and eating. It could very well be that Dominick’s dad is a wonderful cook. All that aside I have done many things for the first time. I haven’t showered in two days and I have been wearing the same underwear for two days. These personal hygiene problems aside I haven’t felt this relaxed and calm in a while. The pressure of looking for a job, dealing with poor grades, and being momentarily sad haven’t made me the calmest person. But as I sit here, write this article, and listen to a Kendrick Lamar mix tape. I am at peace and that feels wonderful for this city boy who found himself in the wilderness.

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