Winners Delight

As you can see from the picture, the excitement in the players eyes for the NBA playoffs is ecstatic Both players know that this will all soon be over and the finale will determine which team is better. In 2008, LeBron was in tears after the game 7 loss in the playoffs. Now geared up for a new season with better teammates, LeBron is ready to take it to the championship. In Monday’s game the Heat won 93-79 against the Celtics, which is a Game 1 victory. Kevin Garnett used his aggressive manners to nudge and foul LeBron James throughout the game, allowing LeBron to go to the foul line. LeBron shrugged off the aggressive actions of Garnett and proceeded to laugh.

The crowd is ambiguous about which east coast team they like more. On one hand they favor the Heat and on the other they believe that the Celtics will fight til the end. In Game 1, LeBron put little effort into the game and came out on top. He came out with 32 points moving through the Celtics defense easily.  LeBron said, “I was able to get to a lot of my shots I was comfortable with making; I was able to attack.” Dwayne Wade seemed to sit back but eventually came into the game with fire with 22 points.

Doc Rivers, Coach of the Boston Celtics, was very disappointed with them, saying that they were probably tired playing less than 48 hours after Game 7 against the Sixers. He also said that it didn’t feel like it was the playoffs; like they were playing the Celtics. Garnett said after the game that, “they need to put up more of a fight”. Hopefully, at the next game the Celtics will bring it in for a win.

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