Controversy of the Game

One of the most highlighted sports in the U.S. is the NBA. The audience cheers on their favorite team and ridicules the other.  In recent years there has been a major controversy in the game with pay. The players had a lockout and the season got pushed back much farther than expected. Some players like Lamar Odom felt the difficulty as is season started late. Finally the season came back on, but what the fans have seen in the past that these controversies are annual.

One of the major problems that have arisen in recent years is racial and cultural issue in the NBA.  Many of the audience say that the NBA embraced the hip hop culture and this is shown by hip hop artists that own teams and come to the games, like Jay Z for example. Many rappers wear throwback jerseys in their music videos and in the NBA games they have hip hop soundtracks. ESPN especially uses it during their coverage of the game. Also many of the players act like many rap moguls. Some rappers like Kevin Durant have even tried their hand at rapping.

To the readers it may not seem like a big problem, however, in articles and on the news they refer to the players as thugs because of their attire and the way they dress. The writers also say that the league is violent because of the behavior they have on and off court. What these writers need to understand is that on the court the players must be aggressive and because a few players act out on the court (Ron Artest, or Metta World Peace as he has the nerve to call himself) doesn’t mean that the whole league is violent. There is also another part of the music genre that plays into the other leagues. In NASCAR there is country music and in the NHL there is alternative rock. The NBA does have a lot of controversy, but still go to the game and remember the real values of the game.

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