Mr. Royal Rumble

Eight years, three team switches and one legal name change after the infamous “Malice At The Palace” and Ron Artest… excuse me, Metta World Peace still has that raging flame deep within him. The NBA all-star (2004), champion (2010), and Defensive Player of the Year (2004) has managed to work his way into the hearts of one (last?) team’s fans with his controversial antics and scrappy play. While Lakers fans cheer him on with every knee, elbow and fist that he throws, the rest of the NBA’s fans (and players) are forever at his mercy.

Around eight months ago, Ron Artest changed his name to “Metta World Peace”. This change was meant to inspire youth around the world to stay away from violence and promote, well, peace. To my understanding, “Metta” is a Buddhist term that means loving kindness and friendliness towards others. This has the potential to be the largest misnomer in the history of name changes or misnomers. While Metta has not actually put his fist in any one’s face (in public) since the Palace brawl, he has managed to give four different players concussions between then and now, two of which occurred after his ‘inspirational’ name change. Unarguably the most notable of these hits was the “inadvertent” elbow thrown at James Harden, which, if I must say, was followed by a very poor acting job that apparently was supposed to make the refs think that it was all done in one motion. Two things: 1) if you want the title of best actor in the league, you have to go through LeBron to get it 2) if you think that inadvertent is a synonym for intentional, you may want to check the nearest thesaurus.
I guess my main point is simply that you should always call things what they are. A “rapper” who enjoys beating up on people in basketball games is nothing more than a “rapper” who enjoys beating up on people in basketball games. No, the aforementioned “rapper” cannot be called an inspirational attempt to minimize violence among youth around the world. Just saying.

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