Gay Marriage Gains Ground

On May 9th, in an ABC interview, President Obama stated that “he now ‘”personally'” believes gays and lesbians should have the right to mary.” [1] This, obviously huge move, has been a long time coming. Apparently Obama has “been going through an evolution on this issue.” Haven’t we all?

His path to support of gay marriage is evident in his developing stance on the issue over the years. From supporting civil unions when he ran in ’08, to now, when he is openly supporting same-sex marriage. Despite this bold stance, Obama still believes the issue should be left to the states. He most likely won’t be doing anything about it in DC. However, that doesn’t mean that Americans can’t do something about it as well.

By openly supporting gay marriage, Obama has drawn a line in the sand. And, personally, I will be standing on the left of this one. For a while, it was a toss up — waste your vote on Ron Paul, back a lackluster candidate that has lost his “hope” in those tough four years, or vote for Mitt Romney. There are many uninformed Americans out there, especially young ones. At the same time there are very few who are also uninformed about the fact that gays still don’t share the same rights as every American. So it is possible that this one issue alone will draw many voters. Obama is going to be bringing a huge crowd to the polls this year, whether it’s for him or anyone but him.

The presidential race is now about whether you support gay marriage or not. When people ask, “Do you know who you’re voting for yet?”, you have to be extra careful this time about who you’re talking to. As soon as Mitt or Obama drop off your tongue, pray the other person feels the same or it will be a long conversation. Considering America’s opinion on gay marriage alone, Obama would have the win in 2012. With the latest poll showing 54% of Americans are for letting gays marry[2], Mitt is in bad shape. Especially with such a hot button issue, young voters will be more motivated than ever to hit the voting booths.

So if you think that gay marriage is cool, Obama might be one to consider this year. Another interesting idea that I have been tinkering with is a full on boycott. And I don’t mean that we all ignore Christian products, or stop watching Fox News. I mean that we boycott the institution of marriage. Those who support gay marriage can protest by not getting married until gays can as well. I for one do not value an institution such as marriage if it does not treat every person equally. Fewer people getting married means less money for churches, less money for the states and a whole lot more support for gay marriage.

The average American spends 27,021 Dollars on their wedding these days [3]. With most of that money going towards, food, photographers, wedding planners, the band, etc. etc, the wedding industry is massive. Not to mention the minimum cost of a wedding is hundreds of Dollars because of marriage license costs and, if you choose to have it in a church, their fees. If those couples that support gay marriage waited until it was an equal and fair institution, millions would be lost. Churches would be motivated to change their opinion, the wedding industry would be in turmoil and states would lose money from license fees and all of the tax money made from things like children and homes that mostly married people pay.

Obama’s change of heart on the issue is just a delayed sign that America is ready — ready for real change. We can have more than just hope for equal treatment of same-sex couples. Most of America wants it and now, so does our president. Perhaps, he will continue to be our president with this new policy and soon, maybe within four years, all our citizens will be able to share the pleasure of marriage.




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