How’s your Fantasy League?

With the East and West coast play-offs coming to an end the gamble on fantasy league has become unbearable. The west coast games between Oakland City and the Lakers proved to be one of the toughest continuous games of the season, which ended with Oakland City prevailing. The east coast rivalry of the Heat versus the Celtics is showing the amazing offense of the Heats.

Before the first game between the Lakers and Oakland City it was clear which team the fans were going for, Lakers. Throughout the games the Lakers disproved the fans loyalty by losing almost every game. Many of the fans with bets on the east coast lost their loyalty and their money. As now the west coast play-off are going on the fans are split 50-50.

Many people want LeBron to take the championship and finally get a ring, however, the Celtics have a great track record and look to have a better offense.  Although the Celtics have a great offense the Heat have better three point shooter and a quick defense. When the game finally happened, the Celtics defense was terrible and LeBron skated through the court.

So my question is, who is in your fantasy league?

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