Discrimination against Straight student at MSCD?

Image from gainsmedia.blogspot.com

Discrimination claims running wild again.

A student at Metropolitan State College of Denver has filed a grievance claiming that a political science professor has been actively discriminating against him for being straight.

This sounds unique, right? Definitely worthy of a grievance, right? Not so fast.

The student, Rick Foo, claims that the unnamed political science professor (the investigation is ongoing) made sexual advance towards him and once he denied his professor, telling him he was straight, the teacher then began “bashing heterosexuality”. Allow me to point out a peculiar point in this story: This HETEROSEXUAL student was sexually preyed upon by a homosexual professor, but he didn’t file a grievance then, that was alright by him. He only later files a grievance because heterosexuality was insulted?

I know as a society we are quick to defend anyone that has experienced any form of discrimination, but let’s not form a support team before we do some investigating. I’m not suggesting that it’s impossible this student is telling the truth, all I’m saying is what are the odds that he is. And if he is, I’ll need some serious proof because his story’s definitely suspicious. Especially, considering that the professor has no history of such behavior, or even complaints of the behavior. Apparently, the teacher receives high praises from his students on a website that rates professors.

If Rick Foo is telling the truth, I seriously doubt his heterosexuality because it’s not very likely that anyone uninterested in sexual advances of their college professor, someone who has the power to fail them, would not alert the school immediately. That would be a very terrible situation to be in; the only logical option would be to alert a higher authority. Why would Foo find no qualm with the professor until he insults heterosexuality? My hunch is that Foo is probably not doing well, or as well as he’d like in this class, and he’s finding a way to defame his professor. I suppose we’ll have to wait for the completion of this investigation.


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