German History Still Relevant?

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While everyone knows, or at least should know, Germany’s infamous history is still very relevant in the minds of Germans. You could do one of two things to verify this. You could either take a walk along the trail that follows the path of the former Berlin Wall or you could simply just speak to a German citizen.

A couple years ago, a Nazi family lost custody of their kids. Why? I repeat myself, a Nazi family lost custody of their kids. Apparently they became a trending topic when the family wanted a birthday cake decorated for their eldest aspiring Nazi, Adolf Hitler Campbell. The store that they requested the service from denied them their wish. Since then, their idealism has strengthened directly with the court’s rulings against them. Sources say that the family has lost each child to the state including their youngest child who wasn’t even born a year when she was taken into custody. The reason? The parents and Adolf have been noted as threats to their children and the general public, respectively. Yes, the father has threatened to kill his wife, yes, the mother has hurt the children, and yes, lil’ Adolf is threatening to kill people he does not know for reasons that, I’m sure, are not justified.  I don’t think that anyone is judging any book by its’ cover, but then again, in this case, would that be so wrong?

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