Hopes of Heaven, Fears of Hell

After months of procrastinating and messing around, I finally got around to buying a physical copy of one of my favorite artist’s albums. And if you’re a fan of singer-songwriter, folk pop or piano driven rock like me, you might want to check out Josiah Leming.

If you’ve ever tuned in to season 7 of American Idol, this name may sound familiar; he was the young man who was, in a nutshell, used to be the season 7 sob story. Leming dropped out of school to pursue a music career, and ended up living out of his car. Out of pure desperation, he auditioned for Idol in Atlanta and made it about as far as Hollywood Week.

Since then, Josiah Leming has done pretty well for himself. About a year after Idol, Leming signed to Warner Bros. after making an appearance on The Ellen Show. With WB, he released two EPs, Angels Undercover and Punk Ass Rain, and his first LP on a major label, Come On Kid. Due to some disputes and Come On Kid not being as commercially successful as they had hoped, WB moved to drop Leming from the label. Leming, who often commented on the artistic restrictions WB put on him to release a more commercial product, more than likely let loose a heavy sigh of relief.

Upon returning to the studio, he remarked, “It’s as if my soul as been set back on fire.”The first single off the album, “One Last Song”, definitely supports his soul’s inferno. “One Last Song”, which first released years ago, is simply incredible when

you compare the original recording to the most recent studio version. Of his full catalog of what could be 50-60 songs, the recent version of “One Last Song” breaks the top ten. Lyrically, the song is in my top 3 due to vivid imagery, but production wise, there’s something to be said about the raw emotion in this version.

Other than OLS, Another Life features another fan favorite, “Over and Over”, a beautiful piano driven song call

ed “The Rush”, and a personal favorite of mine, “Too Young.” Another Life isn’t an album I’d recommend to newcomers to his music, however. I’d recommend an early cut of the song “Theysay”, his Idol audition song, “To Run”, or “Dizzy On the Rooftops.”

Leming now divides his time between touring, airing live broadcasts via Stickam, and writing more music. He released his sophomore album (the one that I just bought!), Another Life, late last year. Both Another Life and his debut, Come On Kid, can be found on Amazon and iTunes.

(Photo taken from Josiah Leming Facebook page.)


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