Internet Kills The Porn Star

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If you have seen the movie “The Zodiac Killer” then you are familiar with the way serial killers can use the press to their advantage. In the time that movie is set and before the last few ears, all these killers had were letters to the local paper and police. However, with that tool they were able to play disturbing, unethical games with police and gain a satisfying audience for their crimes. The media has always been fascinated by serial killers, and this, in turn, has egged them on. Some might even blame the media for giving the murders incentive to commit their crimes.

In a new era the internet gives us tools to garner  attention more quickly and effectively than ever before. If one knows how to use the web, they can become famous overnight. Luke Rocco Magnotta is one of these internet born celebrity psychos. He started out the old school way — by sending the major political parties of Canada a hand and a foot in the mail. The arrival of these blood soaked gifts led to a full on investigation. The police soon connected the body parts to a torso left in a suitcase behind an apartment — the same one that Magnotta lived in for four months.

So we have ourselves a basic American Psycho, right? Well, not necessarily. Magnotta is a new breed. After his special packages became old news, he found a new way to cause a stir using the internet. A video surfaced called “1 lunatic 1 Ice Pick.” that can only be described as an unwatchable, nauseating, horror movie come alive, was uploaded by Magnotta himself. And with a quick google search anyone with a computer can stream it for their very own viewing displeasure.

The video features stabbing, slicing, dismemberment, necrophilia and masturbation in a dimly lit, fear inspiring bedroom. So many people visited to view it that the servers could not handle the traffic. But there is good news!(?) With the buzz settling, the video has been put back up and is in working order.

Magnotta created a following for himself. Like groupies for a rock band, the internet will follow him from site to site in hopes of enveloping themselves with his latest work. With no regard for the victims, the bountiful fans who view his video, visit his site and google his name, are giving him exactly what he needs to continue. However, Magnotta’s power may have grown to be too much for him to handle because he recently updated his blog with a post entitled “How to completely disappear and never be found.” This means two things: hopefully he is done for a while at lease and regretfully, he may get away with his atrocities.

Magnotta could just be leading the way for a new string of internet famous psychotics. He could not handle the popularity and keep a good cover, but some might be able to pull it off. This frightful notion sheds light on the responsibility of internet users all around the world. Every tweet, YouTube view, google search or Facebook share, means something. Whether it is regulated or not — your internet use matters.

Also, Magnotta can be seen suffocating cats somewhere out there on the internet. I will leave that up to your little typers to find or not to find. We have found ways to make men famous with the internet, but we have yet to find a way to catch them(Kony anyone?). In fact, writing this article alone is probably paying homage to the deeds of Magnotta and for that reason, I was hesitant to write it. If he were to stumble upon this, he would probably get some satisfaction out of it. Who wouldn’t, I am saying that he is the pioneer of a new species of murdering psycho internet celebrities. That’s a pretty powerful thing to be.

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