Album Review: Alhambra by Mother Falcon

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In a generation of bumping Dubstep and countless solo electronic artists, the orchestral, tribal sounds of young Mother Falcon’s Alhambra are rare and hard to come across. Austin, Texas’s Mother Falcon sports 21 members (the oldest being in his 20s) with instruments ranging from cellos to accordions to mandolins. Alhambra, their second CD but first full-album, was released in February to a growing number of fans — mostly in Austin, their home, but in other major Texas cities as well. Being such a big group forces Mother Falcon to go about usual band business in unique ways. For example, they recorded Alhambra live and in a church. “We wanted to capture the dynamics and other subtleties that would be lost by separating everyone [vocals and some instruments were recorded separately] as well as the ambiance of the space we were playing in,” violinist and manager Yun Du said. The effort was worthwhile. Good examples are “Fireflies,” “Alligator Teeth” and “Serpent Tongues” in which, like any good orchestra, the instruments flow together creating songs like good stories — complete with well-done and edge of your seat transitions, each group of instruments like an endearing character.

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