LeBron turned the Heat Up!

It’s Thursday June 7th and the Miami Heat are down in their playoff series with the Boston Celtics 3-2. The Heat had lost the last three-playoff games to the Celtics. Previously to the Celtics three game-winning streak, The Heat were leading the series 2-0 and it had looked as though the Heat would run through the Celtics and sweep them. Fast forward to the Pre-Game analysis with ESPN commentators including the likes of Ervin “Magic” Johnson and Jon Barry. From the beginning of the telecast the odds were stacked against the Heat. At the time they had the 3rd worse shooting percentage in the postseason. Although James was averaging 29.5 points he was still 2-6 in elimination games in the postseason. After game 6, specifically looking at the play of Miami Heat’s small forward LeBron James it’s seems that the series is in the hands of Miami.

At the end of game 6 LeBron James had 45 points with a field goal percentage of 19-26 along with 15 rebounds, and 5 assists. LeBron came out from the very start of the game attacking. The Celtics tied the game once in the first quarter other than that the Heat dominated the game after the first half of the 1st. With LeBron’s aggressive attitude compensated for Dwyane Wades’ slow first in the first half. Shooting a field goal percentage of 0-4 in the 1st quarter. Wade didn’t score until the start of the 2nd quarter. James’ superb play accounted for more than half of the Heat’s points for the first three-quarters of game 6.

The Heat’s excellent offense and defense kept the Celtics from gaining any momentum on their home court at TD Garden. Chris Bosh’s performance in the 28 minutes was key not in the offense where he only put up 7 points shooting 3-8 from the field with 1 assist. However, it was his defense that was key; Bosh managed 3 blocks and 4 defensive rebounds. All this helped to damper the play of Kevin Garnett. Garnett had a game of 12 points and was shooting 6-14 from the field. Garnett also only grabbed 5 rebounds despite playing 31 minutes. The Heat’s defense affected Paul Pierce the most. Pierce only put up 9 points shooting a low 4-18 from the field and going 0-6 from behind the three-point line. This was a very disappointing game from one of Boston’s “Big Three”.

The Second half continued to be LeBron’s game but Dwyane Wade’s play stepped up as well. Wade scored 11 points in the second half accompanied by his 6 in the second quarter to give him 17 points and he shot 6-17 from the field and was perfect from the free throw line shooting 5-5. Although Rondo put up a good effort with 21 points shooting 8-14 from the field, 5-7 from the free throw line, and getting 10 assists. But unfortunately for Rondo he also committed 7 turnovers that helped to spur the Heat’s offense.  Much of game 6 belonged to the Heat and more importantly the stand out play from LeBron James. With the final game of this series, game 7, on Saturday, June 9th back in Miami. The odds have now been turned against the Celtics. Can the Celtics overcome age and be able to match Miami who played like a different team offensively? Will they also be able to put a handle on LeBron James? The same James who teammate Wade described after game 6 by saying “He was locked in from the beginning of the game”. LeBron also noted on Miami’s different play stating, “We finally put a 48 minute game together. Only time will tell as game 7 approaches, tune in this Saturday on ESPN to find out who will be heading to the NBA Finals to face the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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