Wall Street Journal Reporter Resigns

Image from abcnews.go.com

Scandal always manages to cost people their jobs, even when the scandal is being  altered to seem more scandal-like than it really is. The latest victim is Gina Chon of the Wall Street Journal. Chon resigned from the Wall Street Journal a week after emails revealing she had a romantic relationship with Brett McGurk, a source of hers in Iraq. Though some sources have been calling Chon and McGurk’s relationship an affair, they were actually single and are now married to each other. That being said, I believe it’s safe to say some media hungry journalists are using the word affair to garner some views on their articles.

Image from freebeacon.com

Chon’s editors were unaware of her relationship with McGurk, however, they do not believe the relationship to have affected her work reporting on the Iraq War and being a part of the Money & Investigating team.

The reason for Chon’s resignation is obviously not just because she had a relationship, but rather that the emails she exchanged with McGurk, who worked for the National Security Council in Iraq, while she was on base, shared unpublished articles which is a violation of the Dow Jones Code of Conduct. (It might be interesting if we could find out what was in these articles that made this such a grave offense). Unfortunately, little information is being disclosed about the offense.


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