Mom Sends Child to School With Drug Laced Lunch

Torina Ann Gutierrez, a 34-year-old Texas mom, was arrested on Friday after sending her six-year-old daughter to school with a PCP laced sandwich packed in her lunchbox. PCP, or phencyclidine, is a hallucinogenic drug also referred to as “angel dust”. Faculty and staff of Popham Elementary school in DeValle, Texas said the first grade child was behaving abnormally, complaining of “dizziness” and “banging in her head” and saying that her sandwich tasted like “fireworks”.

After being notified by school authorities, Gutierrez told them not to call EMS or CPS, but instead picked her daughter up from school herself. Once home she called paramedics and they tested both Gutierrez and her daughter for PCP, with results turning up positive. Child Protective Services was called and Gutierrez was charged with child endangerment.

This is not the first time Torina Gutierrez has had a run in with the law. She has a lengthy criminal record that includes arrests for assault, theft, and fraud. Gutierrez is currently in Travis County Jail with a $35,000 bail and is facing up to 2 years. The child has been placed in the custody of a close family member.

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