Third Grade Boy Attacked

In NYC borough, The Bronx, a nine-year old boy was attacked with a double-edged razor blade; by an eight year old child.

During recess, the younger boy brandished the blade and let it be known that he would not be bullied. However, he was not being bullied at the time he pulled it out. The two children were mingling during their playtime and the 8-year-old decided to share some ideas on how to stop bullying that allegedly occurs nearly every day at the Morrisania Section school. After showing his protection, the boy demonstrated his abilities by cutting the victim on the back side of his neck which led to nearly 20 stitches.

Some parents  feel it is dangerous (and rightly so), others are  saying that it makes sense that at a young age the boys would want to protect themselves . Many students at P.S. 132 agree with the latter, saying “It’s not all that bad.”

As far as ramifications for the new face in 3rd grade convicts go, the boy was immediately arrested after the attack and is now being charged as a juvenile with assault and weapons possession. Again, that’s an 8-year-old boy charged with assault and weapons possession.

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