The American Electorate is Bitter

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This election season, the American electorate has become increasingly bitter toward President Obama and the government in general. Citizens are misplacing blame for the stagnant economic conditions on the president. The public fails to recognize that the Bush Administration ruined America’s economy in two terms, repairing eight years worth of damage is hard to achieve in one term.

American voters seem to have an unrealistic expectation of what the President is able to accomplish. In general voters have such high standards for newly elected officials that it seems impossible to please them. For example, the Obama Administration has been blamed for America’s continued economic hardships and social issues but the public overlooks that the bureaucratic structure of the government prolongs progress.

In order to get a better perspective of the office of the President, one must understand America’s governmental structure. When described in the Constitution, the Executive branch is ambiguously detailed. Over the years, strong leaders like FDR, Truman, Johnson, and Regan among others have used the ambiguity of the presidency to their advantage. President’s must use their charisma to navigate within the legislative branch to influence lawmakers to vote in their favor.

House and Senate majorities actually affect a president’s effectiveness. During the Obama Presidency the Republican/Tea Party conservatives are putting up an unwavering opposition to the Democratic party’s agenda. Although Republican politicians view themselves as being partisan, it is ultimately putting the nation in a stalemate. Using filibusters in the Senate and voting against bills in the House kills potential legislation. Even without Republican opposition 90 percent of proposed bills never make it to the House floor. Why is that you ask?

The Founding Fathers created the Constitution to make the legislative process difficult and tedious, this is to prevent the creation of extraneous and harmful laws. Unfortunately, Americans are pragmatic. They want results. When people complain about how Washington hasn’t done anything for them there are many reasons as to why they have not seen the change directly. Americans should not look to the President to change the nation alone. We must first look to those who directly affect our communities; our Municipal and County officials. By becoming politically engaged the public can get a better perspective about the lawmaking process and they can get a more accurate perception.

The bitterness the American people are unleashing derives from frustration, and years of struggling, but blaming politicians does not fix things. I am not saying we shouldn’t hold politicians accountable but Americans need to know who deserves the blame before accusing the wrong person.


  1. The Housing Crisis caused this recession and almost all the establishment politicians from both sides of the aisle going back to Jimmy Carter are complicit with the causes. The Tea Party recognized this and are working to vote out many establishment Republicans and Democrats alike. This recession will have been drawn out longer than it needed to be due to Obama’s policies in dealing with it, and when the student loan bubble bursts we will go through it all over again.

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