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Last years Champs, Russia, prove to be a powerhouse this year, however, the Ukraine and Croatia have come far from being the underdogs. This year the UEFA Euro 2012 is being held in Poland and the Ukraine, which is there first time either country has held this tournament. It begins from June 8th to July 1st and there are a total of 16 teams. This year stars are emerging from the line up out of nowhere. This by far doesn’t mean that teams that do well in the first matches will make it to the quarterfinals.
A team to put your money on is Croatia; the striker has made an impact on the tournament in just the first few games. He has scored three goals for a tie for first against Spain in Group C. Him with the midfielders has made this team unstoppable, which showed during their matches against Ireland and Italy. Although the team is amazing don’t expect it to last long. Critics have said that Mandzukic, the striker, isn’t consistent in his matches and that it is all pure luck. As they approach their next match the defense will become a lot harder. However, the Croatians offensive is equally balanced as they focus on the whole team and not a single player.
Another team to watch out for in the tournament is Russia. Andrei Arshavin is dynamic on the field. He has put out three assists and a phenomenal runs and crosses in two matches. Just like the striker for Croatia Arshavin is not a consistent striker. He can look like an amazing player looking like the best player in the league in the first two tournament matches. However, when the pressure is on he fails to be even average.
Lastly, we have the Ukraine which has a strong middle-aged striker nicknamed Sheva. This is Sheva’s first ever Euro Champs match which he lead the Ukraine to a 2 – 1 win against Sweden. Critics claim that even with his strong performance in the first couple of matches they do not believe he will last throughout the whole tournament. Now which will win? Will the strikers fail? Will Russia take the lead again? Watch the Euro Championship 2012 to see.

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