Year of the Blackbear

If you haven’t heard of Mat Musto yet, you will soon. The past two years have been a crazy ride for Musto, stage name Blackbear, and his fans. He has teamed up with artists like Woe, is Me, was briefly signed to a major label (where he met singer and friend Mike Posner), and receieved critical success with Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”, which he co-wrote. His latest EP, Foreplay, released earlier this year, and Musto continues to put out new songs every week.

Prior to his critical pop music success, Musto got his start in the Florida-based band Polaroid, but broke off to pursue a solo career. He released the EPs Contrast and Brightness, and in 2010, released a 15-song mixtape called Exposure through Purevolume. In late 2010, Musto began working with Tyler Carter of the band Woe, is Me, and filmed a music video for his single, “Douchebag.” It was around this time that he met Mike Posner, who he produced and co-wrote songs for on The Layover EP. The two began writing songs together for other artists, such as Childish Gambino and Machine Gun Kelly. The most successful venture between the two has been their song, “Boyfriend”, which became the first single of Justin Bieber’s upcoming album Believe.

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In mid-2011, Musto rebranded to Blackbear, and has released two EPs under that pseudonym; the EP Year of the Blackbear was released for free on his Purevolume page, and the four song EP Foreplay is available on iTunes.

Currently, Musto is working with Posner on new songs, and has started releasing a new song every Friday on his Tumblr.

For fans of dubstep/pop music, check out his newer songs, and the Foreplay EP. For fans of acoustic/indie music, try “Maria”, “September”, and his older songs.

Photos taken from the Mat Musto and Blackbear Facebook pages, respectively.

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