Special K Ads to Include “Real, Plus Size Women”

Image from opposingviews.com

Kellogg’s Special K cereal has revamped the way it is advertised by starting a new ad campaign that will include images of “real, plus-sized women”. The company has chosen to feature non-professional females with no modeling or acting experience that will have a Body Mass Index of up to 29. Special K has decided to do this as a way to change the way weight loss is viewed. Essentially an average woman on a trip to the supermarket could be chosen to participate in the promotion.

The goal is to have women focusing on confidence in their body image rather than crunching numbers and worrying about size. A Special K spokesperson has addressed the campaign saying, “We want to encourage a responsible attitude when it comes to body image and to show that losing weight isn’t just about the way you look or a certain size you need to conform to, but more importantly about the way it makes you feel.”

This recent news has sparked controversy about what Special K considers to be a “real woman” and why only plus sized females are being used for the campaign. The company is not intending that all women aren’t “real”, but rather that the images usually portrayed in the media are not a correct representation of what the average woman looks like.

The company never formally announced that they would be considering only plus size women for the ads, either. “The fact that we are using real women for the first time of a variety of shapes and sizes is the perfect way to encourage women to think differently about losing weight and not just focus on the numbers on the bathroom scales,” the company has stated.

Recent photos from the new ad campaign have been released to the public and can be found circulating the internet. Many people were outraged when they discovered that the women in the photographs were being considered plus size. If anything, the ladies being used in the advertisement represent average, healthy women that are not overweight, or at least shouldn’t be considered as such. Again, the quote above makes no mention of plus sized women, instead emphasizing the importance of using many different shapes and sizes.

Whether or not the women employed for this campaign are average, normal sized women or plus-sized, Special K is taking a step in the right direction by broadening their spectrum and reaching out to those women who can’t relate to the stick-thin models commonly used in other advertisements.

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