A Level Playing Surface

Image from dailymail.co.uk

Apple may have to finally begin sleeping with one eye open. The old champion, Microsoft, made a splash in the tablet market earlier this week. There answer to the iPad is what, from technical specs alone, appears to be a faster, smarter tablet called the surface.
Microsoft’s history with keeping up on the latest tech advances, like the Zune, tells us that we shouldn’t hold our breath. However, it seems like there is some room for excitement. Here are some reasons the Surface might be awesome.

– On the iPad typing is a hassle. The on screen keyboard doesn’t make typing anything more than an email easy. The Surface has a solution for that problem. With a built in key board, typing on the Surface should make much more sense. It also comes in a variety of unique colors.

– The Surface is also barely larger than the iPad. It is really about the same exact size. Where most tablets come in clunky, the Surface is just that, a surface.

– Simply put, the Surface  has twice the processing power of the most powerful available iPad.

– Other notable features are multiple USB ports and the ability to use Xbox glass. The latter is a feature on the Xbox that will allow the user to do a variety of things on the TV that they could only do on their tablet before.

So watch out for the Surface. It could be the next must have item. And it could be closer to a computer than any other tablet out there.


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