Dotcom At It Again

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Prior to his arrest, Kim Dotcom has been talking about a new website that might give artists more power. Well, the other day he tweeted about it. He is calling it Megabox and it will supposedly allow artists to keep 90 percent of the profits compared to services like iTunes that take out a 30 cent chunk of each song.

Dotcom is not known for the most legal business deals out there. So there is no definite way to say that what he is doing is going to be totally legit. It could be another stunt meant to push the music industry closer and closer to a free for all. The good thing is that it takes guys like Dotcom to alter the interpretation of our laws and to spread the power evenly across the board. And Kim Dotcom is certainly working hard to do just that. The not so good thing is that we don’t know exactly what Megabox is yet. We don’t know if it will be considered legal. All we know is that if it is close to illegal, which it might be, Dotcom will make sure to take it as far as it can go.

I would certainly find more reason to purchase a song if I knew the artist got more of the profits. But it still can’t touch free music. At the very least, it will be an interesting story to keep up on.

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