Matt Sandusky Steps Forward as a Victim

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Today during the much awaited trial of Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State football coach accused of sexually abusing young boys, Jerry’s 33-year-old adoptive son Matt Has come forward as another alleged victim. Matt, who had previously testified to a grand jury and denied allegations for abuse for almost a year, called his legal representatives during Jerry’s trial requesting  “to disclose for the first time in this case that he is a victim of Jerry Sandusky’s abuse”. His lawyers are currently refusing to comment.

At this time Matt is meeting with prosecutors and investigators, but he himself was not called to the stand earlier today. Despite Matt’s denial this past year, his biological mother Debra Long made statements in the beginning of the investigation, blaming him for Matt’s “strange behavior” and making a clear resentment, claiming that Jerry “stole him” from their family. When the Sandusky family adopted Matt, he was 18 and had been living as a foster child in Jerry Sandusky’s home, and was under Jerry’s care since the age of 10. Matt is one of six of Jerry’s adopted children, and was reportedly at the Sandusky home during one of the abuses of another victim. Matt’s ex-wife had gone to court earlier in the year to restrain her children from being in Jerry and Dottie’s home. There has also been suspicion since the beginning of the investigation over Matt’s suicide attempt in 1995 shortly after moving in with Jerry Sandusky at the age of 16.

Matt is reportedly set to testify if his adoptive father takes the stand, but at this time is declining to present evidence of his abuse. Victim 4 testified about Matt’s presence in Jerry’s home previously, recalling when he and Matt had played racquetball. They went into the locker room afterwards, to which Jerry followed and Matt looked “Nervous”. At that point Victim 4 states that Matt left the shower before the abuse began. In a previous interview with Long, she recalls that “My son was afraid of Jerry. If Jerry said, ‘Don’t Talk,’ Matt didn’t talk”.

Though details of the abuse are yet to be disclosed, more voices are coming forward. Only a few hours before Matt’s confession, an Ohio man came forward revealing his identity as a victim. Senior deputy attorney general Joseph McGettigan III’s final statements during the trail implored that “He knows he did it, and you know he did it” and then asked to”Find him guilty of everything”.  The jury is still in deliberation.

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