The London 2012 Olympics

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36 days left till the 2012 London Olympics! This year the Olympics theme is “Inspire a Generation”. Commercial are showing the U.S.A.’s team spirit for the event. The news is showing the excitement of the nation for their U.S.A. team. Speaking of the team, Nike has made new uniforms for them being prominently red with large U.S.A. letters on the front. Just as the U.S. excitement is enthralled London has put on many upcoming events such as the festival to enthuse the world. The Olympic torch is with Paul Collingwood on the torch relay leg between Durham and Sherbum Hill.

London has a new standard for sustainable events for the Olympics. The international standard, ISO 20121, launched this month. This means that it will help reduce carbon emission and waste by managed the biodiversity of venues. The committee has already implemented the new standard giving this event an eco-friendly look.

Just as the Olympics will generate money and be eco-friendly so has it given fans a chance to own part of the Olympics. Torches will be released as limited edition for significant moments along the torch relay. They will also have signed metallic shards by athletes and celebrities. The items come in a collectors box with a certificate of authenticity. The auction will be on the official London auction site. The money will go to the cost of torches, torchbearers, and for the events. The site will let the fans to bid for pieces of the sporting equipment used in the competition. The items include baton, tennis balls, and beach volleyballs.

One of the amazing events that London is hosting is the 2012 festival, which launches 5 shows. In Stirling Gustavo Dudamel will lead The Big Concert with Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela. Lake Windermere host On the Nightshift that is a free outdoor pyrotechnic and percussion extravaganza. They also have The Voyage, a giant ship that will sail into Birmingham town Centre with dancers and aerialists. Edward Gardner will conduct the UK premiere of Weltehos. In Derry there will be a Peace One Day concert. The concert will celebrate the theme of ancient tradition of the Olympics Truce. Jeremy Gilleyand Jude Law produces the festival. Opening day of the London 2012 Festival in Wales is artist Jeremy Deller with a life-size replica of Stonehenge.

Tune in for the Olympic games July 27th to August 12 and go onto www. to hear about upcoming events and news of the Olympics.

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