Amazing Medical Miracles

Miraculous medical cures are not only the plots of your favorite television shows, but also real life medical marvels that occur in reality as well. The following are five stories that could be taken straight from a television show, but the fact that they are completely real is what truly makes them medical miracles.

1. Window Washer Survives After Falling 47 Stories

While washing the windows of a New York skyscraper, 37-year-old Alcides Moreno fell 47 stories, almost 500 feet, after his window-washing platform detached and was cast into a free fall descent toward the concrete sidewalk below him. The freak accident, which killed his brother who was working with him, left Moreno in a coma for three weeks after being operated on in the emergency room. Amazingly, on Christmas Day, Moreno showed signs of consciousness and spoke. Less than a month later, he was released with the assurance that in about a year he would probably be able to walk again. Considering the death rate from even a four-story fall is about 50 percent, Moreno’s survival truly is a medical miracle.

2. Teen Lives Without Heart

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Fourteen-year-old D’Zhana Simmons was in need of a transplant due to her abnormally large heart. When it came time for her surgery, the new organ failed to function properly and doctors were left with no choice but to remove it. Because this series of events was not anticipated, doctors did not have another heart available for Simmons. Because she was weakened from the surgery, they had to come up with a solution fast. They decided to take two artifical pumps and use them to keep blood flowing in Simmons’ body for almost four months. Usually when an artifical heart is used to sustain a patient, the patient’s own heart is left in the body. But this was not the case for Simmons. For 118 days, she lived without a heart and solely on the pumps. Finally when a heart arrived, she received a successful transplant.

3. Man Survives Steel Rod Through Head

In 1848, Phineas Gage was the foreman of a construction gang working on a new railroad line. Suddenly, an explosion occurred and sent a 3 ft. 7 in. long bar straight through Gage’s head. The pole entered him through his cheek and exited him through the top of his head. Miraculously, Gage survived the freak accident when doctors were able to successfully remove the bar from his head.

4. Implanted Electrodes Wake Man After 6 Years

After a fatal accident, a man was left in a vegetative state for six years. He was unable to swallow, communicate, or make any coordinated movements. Then one day, doctors decided to embed electrodes into the man’s brain. This procedure was done in hopes of stimulating the man’s thalamus, an important part of the brain involved in sensory perception and regulation of motor functions. Amazingly, when the electrodes were stimulated, the man was suddenly able to talk, feed himself, and interact with his family.

5. Blind Man Regains Sight After Tooth Implantation In Eye

Fourty-two-year-old builder Martin Jones was blinded after suffering an accident at work. Doctors chose to perform a risky procedure, which involved implanting a living tooth into his eye. The tooth was used as a holder for a new lens taken from his skin. The operation was a success, and Jones emerged from his world of darkness and was able to see his wife, Gill, whom he had married four years before, for the first time.

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