Dealing With Rejection

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Taking risks are a part of progression. Auditioning for the lead part of a play, applying for a scholarship, or asking your crush on date all have the potential consequence of rejection.  Finding the courage to pursue your goals takes a certain amount of confidence and faith. However the possibility of rejection can often paralyze people in throughout their lives. For those who are used to getting their way, being rejected can affect on ones self-esteem, confidence levels, and egos.

Rejection does not discriminate, it happens to everyone. To know that we did not meet someone else’s standards can damage our attitudes. The difference is how we cope with it.

The most important step in understanding rejection, is that we must realize not all situations are centered around us. Even though you are probably saying “I knew that,” this concept maybe hard to grasp for the self-centered divas out there, but it’s true. We forget to think of the bigger picture.  Behind most important decisions, a methodical thought process occurs. Pros and cons are weighed, potential consequences are evaluated. Other factors like policy regulations and quotas may interfere as well. Receiving an email, letter, or phone call informing you that you were not selected is painful, but don’t lose all hope. Handling rejection is personal issue but don’t take it personal.

Another element to consider with rejection is that sometimes you are not quite what they need. In the example of a job interview, candidates are not selected for various reasons including amount of skill level, and years of experience. These are things that can be improved. Strategically enhance your resume in weak areas that may hinder you in the future from securing employment. Learn how you can better communicate your knowledge or skills and seek opportunities through volunteerism to gain extra experience.

Learn from past rejections. Evaluate your growth and competence. Perhaps there is a pattern as to why you are not getting what you pursue. Attempt to correct any mistakes that may prevent you from your goals.

Overall, rejection is a harsh life lesson; it breaks hearts, crushes dreams and rains on parades. Maturity, patience and perseverance assist us in handling rejection in a healthy manner. Depression, anger and frustration are normal and will occur but if perpetuated, these emotions will manifest into unhealthy behaviors. With the support of others and a good dose of determination, rejection will not be a road block to your dreams.

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