Kinsight Offers Unique but Superfluous Technology

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Unless you’re some sort of superhuman with an unbelievable memory, you’ve lost your keys, wallet, or phone at some point.  Myself, every time I stand up I do a “three-pocket pat” that involves me feeling my pockets and making sure my essentials—old-school flip phone, Power Rangers wallet, and key ring full of three keys and bottle opener—are all there and accounted for.  If they aren’t, which happens more often than it should, I have a mini panic attack inside.  On the outside I may seem calm and collected (if not looking like a fool while my “three-pocket pat” increases in desperation and intensity), but on the inside I am going insane, my mind hurriedly retracing my steps and looking for anywhere any one of my things could have ran off to.  Of course, this occurs most often when I’m in a hurry, which only adds to the stress of the moment—I know, my life is so hard.

Regardless, a new modification to the Xbox’s Kinect, will give the ability to track personal items within your own house: making that mad scramble of tearing apart your room for your wallet before work in the morning a thing in the past.  It’s called the Kinsight, and it has an amazing ability to keep track of where you last interacted with an object, and even look to where you are likely to leave them.

The Kinsight is still a work in progress, so it has its flaws.  First, it involves placing several Kinect sensors throughout your living space.  Before it can find an item, your things need to be manually tagged within the Kinect’s hard drive.  Also, if your object is too small, in a bunch, too far away, or transparent Kinsight may run into difficulty finding them.

All in all, the technology is unique and definitely advanced.  That being said, it isn’t very necessary.  We’ve all been absent-minded, but we don’t need a search engine to enter our house and keep track of our things, especially when the prerequisites for the system to work involve setting up sensors throughout your house and scanning in anything you may lose.  We all lose things, and even if it may make your heart skip a beat, searching your house for them is not too demanding, especially when it may be quicker and easier than using your Kinect to find them.

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