Sex Charges in Every Sport

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A few weeks ago I wrote the article about Nate Webster and the sex charges against a teenager. I decided to look up more about sex charges against players of every sport. I found a shockingly amount of these same reports from every sport. We see major sports players as idols, however, with this re-occurrence of crimes it gives the fans a negative view on sports.
A few cases are ex- Kentucky basketball player, Michael Porter, charged with sex abuse. Porter had been arrested in Lexington and charged with sodomy and sex abuse. TV reports that 25-year-old Porter was arrested on Tuesday in May. The authority made a statement that he allegedly has sexual contact with two underage girls he meet while being a leader during a church function. Porter then became an inmate at Fayette County Detention.
A major trail that has been in the news lately is the Sandusky trail. Jerry Sandusky was charged with child sex abuse. June 8th the judge denied him to have the charges dismissed which left 52 counts intact with opening statement three days away. The judge didn’t explain in his three-paragraph statement why he denied the defense. Sandusky being arrested in November was amazing in sports world. The jury said that he would sexual assault boys that were in is charity. In interview with Sandusky he admitted that he would shower with boys by embracing them naked but never sexual abused them.
With all of these sexual assault, sodomy, and/ or sexual abuse charges it gives every sports a negative image. Most of the people being assaulted are young children or young women. A lot of dealing with people that are in charities or help out at various functions. Hopefully there will be no more charges against any sports player giving sports the positive image it needs as the players are idols.

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