Taking the “Not” out of “Life’s Not Fair”

Image from newsreleases.chron.com

You hear the cliché “Life isn’t fair” all the time. While it’s true, it’s often used as an excuse to allow things to remain unfair – as a justification for apathy. However, the nonprofit world and all the people that contribute to it whether through donations, volunteer hours or committing their career paths fight to defeat the truth in this statement. And although unfairness will never be eradicated, they never put down their weapons.

Houston, Texas’ The Parish School and schools like it across the country are a perfect example of this. Our education system, while doing a lot of good, is designed to separate kids with learning differences from kids who learn traditionally. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but for kids with learning differences who are completely capable of handling the curriculum in traditional classrooms, there lies two unfair situations– either they struggle in traditional classrooms or they aren’t challenged in special needs classrooms.

And that’s where The Parish School comes in. The Parish School is designed for temporary stays. They take kids in for as long as they need and prepare them for traditional school. They help them using therapists and doctors and other professionals and specialists to work through their own differences so that they can be in non-special-needs classes without the disadvantages that comes with special needs. They give these kids a fair and fighting chance.

Because schools like The Parish School have such high tuition costs, there is always a need for donations for scholarship funds. Also, schools like The Parish School are always thrilled to have volunteers help in any way that they can, so if it’s time to catch up on those volunteer hours or fill up those summer days, find the special needs school near you or start some sort of fund-raiser to help a child learning differences get a fair chance at an education.

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