Television Dominance

NBC news has been a dominant presence on television winning the ratings against competition from the evening and Sunday morning news. NBC has had a 16-year winning streak, however, In April their record is broken. Allegedly they have been declining in ratings to the point of changing Ann Curry on “Today”. Shows such as “NBC Nightly News” and “Meet the Press” have lost ratings in the last year against the competition. It is said that they are more vulnerable than any other year.
The most visible show and the most declining sow is “Today”. It brings in hundreds of millions of dollars each year. The executives have commented back on that “Today” show is very strong with its category for people aging between 25 to 54. The NBC president said that they have not slipped where it counts and the rest doesn’t matter. All of NBC other shows are down ranging from 4 to 11 percent.
NBC started a news magazine called “Rock Center led by chief anchor, Brian Williams. However, the magazine had the lowest ratings, but NBC news is still holding strong to it. Executives from ABC have said that NBC will do bad this season because of there lose in high ratings. However, Mr. Capus, leader of NBC, said that they are still premium. With all this speculation NBC news has still conquered through television far past their competition.


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