A New Face to a Bright Future

Florence is a breath of fresh air to a mist of identical musicians. Florence + the Machines is an indie rock band containing lead singer Florence and a background band. Initially, the public did not notice the band, but when BBC praised them their music gained momentum. BBC put some of the bands songs in BBC introducing.

The bands debut album was Lungs released July 9, 2009. The album was in the top five for its first five weeks on the UK Album Chart. On January 27, 2010 the album become number one after being on the charts for twenty-eight weeks. The second album, Ceremonials, released in October 2011.

The band has various styles, ranging from rock to soul. From the beginning of Ceremonials debut the band has reached the top not only in the UK, but also in the USA. The band performed at the 2010 MTV Music Awards. However, the band really took off when the movie “Eat Pray Love” came out, debuting their song “Dog Days Are Over”.

The beginning of the band is unlike any other band in their genre. Florence named the band after her collaboration with Isabella “Machine” Summers. Florence and Isabella performed together under the name Florence Robot/ Isabella Machine, which was later, shortened to Florence +the machines. The band includes Robert Ackroyd, Chris Hayden, Isabella Summers, Mark Saunders, and Tom Monger. Florence praises the whole team saying that they understand her style. Florence stated that the bands name was a joke and that she found it to be cumbersome to pronounce the whole name at her first gig.

The album , Lungs, came out in July 2009 and was produced by James Ford, Paul Epworth, Steve Mackey, and Charlie Hugall. A lot of the material came from the break up between Florence and her boyfriend. The band has been featured in films such as Wild Child and Jennifer’s Body. The song “Dogs Days Are Over” has been in shows like Gossip Girl, Community, and Covert Affairs. As time progress in 2010 more songs on the album were on much larger shows and in video games.

The second album was had some controversy in the beginning because Florence was undecided were to produce the label, in the UK or USA, but then decided to keep it in the UK. The first session began in January 2010 at a small London studio. Many producers wanted to work with Florence, however, she denied all of their offers. Florence stated in an interview that Ceremonial is a better version of Lungs. The album went number one in its first week on the UK Album Chart and number six on the US Billboard 200. On April 26, 2012 the band released “Breath of Life” which was the theme song for Snow White & the Huntsman.

The new tour for Florence + the machines with be all over the USA; from Texas to North Carolina. In theatres like USF Sun Dome and Hollywood Bowl. From five years ago no one really knew Florence + the machines, but now you cannot walk into a store without hearing one of their singles.

A New Face to a Bright Future


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