Let Your Bones Show

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[Image from CharleneKaye.com/photos]

25-year-old Charlene Kaye may be best known for her association with fellow University of Michigan alumni Team Starkid (which was co-founded by longtime friend and Glee‘s Darren Criss), but she’s much more than Starkid’s opening act. With Criss, Charlene has two songs which the two often perform together – Skin & Bones, and Dress and Tie, an upbeat collaboration. Kaye, who is currently on tour with Team Starkid, serves as their opening act and sometimes as their lead guitarist for the theatre troupe’s backing band. Kaye is currently promoting her new album, Animal Love.

Charlene Kaye’s transition from clean vocals and melodies to glitter, feathers, and electronic influence creates a stunning album in Animal Love. The album, which features singles “Animal Love I” and “Hummingbird Heart”, is an indie pop treat from start to finish. With Kaye’s seamless transitions from soulful piano and guitar driven ballads to upbeat electronic pop music, as well as gorgeous vocals, it’s no wonder that this album soared to #15 on iTunes’ Top Albums list in its first week.

The first single off of Animal Love, Animal Love I, is combines a pop flavor with a driving chorus, where Kaye proclaims, “Let your bones show!” The song, paired with the theatrical music video, made for a perfect song to promote the album, as her Kickstarter campaign for the album received $33,000 – $13,000 more than the initial goal.

Perhaps the most outstanding song is her girl power anthem, “Woman Up”. Kaye warns, “It ain’t right if the road only goes one way/It’s okay to love hard as long as long as you’re loving you first babe/Cuz you can’t trust no one else to be your friend these days.” While it is no “Run the World (Girls)”, it still remains a proclamation of self love for women and young girls, telling them to “woman up.”

The album, from start to finish is a delight, and would entice fans of Little Boots, Florence Welch, and Darren Criss’ solo ventures. Stand out tracks include “Woman Up”, “Animal Love I”, and “Poison Apple”.

Learn more about Charlene here.

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