Bringing Rap to the Last Frontier

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You probably haven’t heard the name Lonnie Dangerous, but he has the number one album of the year in Alaska. The album, “Just the Tip”, showcases other Alaskan artists and promotes the hip hop life in Alaska. People do not believe that Alaska has any good hip hop rappers, however, the album shows all races of rappers. Already the album has a music video called “Northern Lights” which features D’EYE and is premiering on “The Venue”. “The Venue” hasn’t had a hip hop music video for 12 years and this will be the second hip hop video ever on the show.

“Just the Tip” is his favorite album because he says it’s seamless and family oriented. He says, “There is something on there for everyone”. Lonnie was the CEO, which means he paid for everything and he dealt with every aspect of the CD. He chose the other people featured in the album. The other rappers featured were in his older group called the wolf pack. He also went for the people that already had a fan base. The album cover was influenced by his thoughts as an actor. He first wanted to have himself be a super hero on the cover since Lonnie Dangerous is a character, but later on he decided that he should put where the album was made; southern Anchorage.

Lonnie marketed the album by sending it out to his family. They would put stickers all over the United States. He made up a game with his family. How it worked was if you found a sticker you would have to post the picture on Facebook and get two points, then whoever got to one hundred points would get a free album.

Now he goes to clubs and promotes the album by performing and giving away free albums. He sells t-shirt, albums, posters, and stickers. He then decided to move down to Hollywood to branch out and build a bigger fan base. In Hollywood he has performed at The Whiskey A Go-Go where famous people like Jimmy Hendrix and Motley Crue have performed.

He received inspiration for his album while he was in California working on his comedy and acting when his fiancé’, Dawn Galliher, sent him money to start his career. Later on his fiancé died and he used that as inspiration. He said, “That he felt like he could go far because someone so close to him believed in him enough to help him”. He also said that, “He thinks of his music how Michael Jackson approaches his music, that he doesn’t have a genre.” He has also said, “ My idea is that each song has a different flavor. I have a club song, a love song, a gangster song, I have everything. I’m just a well-rounded artist.”

Lonnie Dangerous went to high school in Anchorage, Alaska. As he grew older he decided to move to Los Angeles to become a famous artist. As of now Lonnie is a renowned artist in Alaska. He will now be promoting and performing in California at clubs and night houses. You can get his album on iTunes,, and on Look forward to hearing his name again, he is already setting records in Alaska and now in California. Also go onto “ to vote for him on best rapper. Lonnie’s last words to his fans are, “Live dangerous and get the album”.


  1. Chech me out son its whats new and never heard music

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