Sex Symbol of Tattoos

The media show cases a variety of different sex symbols in television and magazines through people or products. As of the past fifty years tattoos have become more popular in the idols of today. Many famous people from the 70s such as Cher promoted her tattoos and now artists like Lil Wayne are tatted up.

Many music artists have tattoos, ranging from Demi Lovato to Gucci Mane. The artists talk about how much each tattoo means to them. Demi Lovato recently got a tattoo of a heart on her wrist near her “stay strong” tattoo to show thanks to her fans. Lil Wayne has tattoos and The Game has tattoos of tear drops to symbolize how many people they have killed.
Before, tattoos were considered a representation of liberation from society, but as the decades changed so did the ideas associated with tattoos. It went from rockers to hip hop artists. Now you can’t watch a TV shows without seeing a tattoo. Shows like L.A. Ink promote tattoos and piercings. The host of L.A. Ink, Kat Von D, is tatted up from head to toe. Kat has said that each tattoo means something different to her and its like a f**k you to society.

Tattoos haven’t just effected cable television; it has become prominent in every aspect of the media. Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox have not only made other woman idolize them, but also men lust after them. Jolie has a tattoo of the latitude and longitude of each of her children. Fox has words on her rib cage, which have made many other women copy it.

To really understand tattoos you must understand the history behind them. Tattoos are a body enhancement made by indelible ink into the first layer of skin. Historians say that the first reference of tattoos appears in Joseph Banks journal. Joseph Banks was aboard Captain Cooks ship. Tattoos have been around for centuries in many cultures. The Ainu, Japanese, had facial tattoos. It was also found in places like Africa, New Zealand, and Taiwan. Although it is now considered popular, tattoos were more of a taboo when it first came out.

Tattoos haven’t had the greatest past; some were used as identifiers, which people would know as the Holocaust. Other people have used it for cosmetics uses; permanent makeup like eyeliner or lips. Tattoos have lasted through the centuries becoming more popular and liberating. Tattoos have become idolized in the media and have influenced people to be free of societies bonds. Tattoos have become the ultimate sex symbol.

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