Celebrating Whitney Houston

[Image from SubtitlesBox.com]

Earlier today, the video for the song that has been marketed as Whitney Houston’s last recording debuted, starring the cast of the upcoming movie Sparkle, was released. The video pays tribute to the late singer by inserting footage of Houston’s performance in the movie. The music video’s tone is uplifting, and does indeed celebrate the iconic singer. Co-star Jordin Sparks released a statement on the video saying that, “We planned on it being Whitney and me, but she’s not here, so we wanted to make it a tribute to her.” Fans of the late singer will certainly be moved by the music video.

Sparkle is an upcoming musical movie remake of the 1976 cult classic of the same name. The film is based loosely on the story of The Supremes. Houston, along with Debra Martin Chase, purchased the rights to Sparkle in the mid-90s. R&B singer Aaliyah was originally cast as the title role, but movie production was halted after her passing in 2001. Production of the 2012 movie wrapped this past November, just three short months before Houston’s passing. The film will be dedicated to the singer in her honor, as it was her last performance.

The soundtrack for Sparkle will release on July 31, and the movie will be in theaters August 17. The video for “Celebrate” can be watched here.


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