Google Makes An AppleTV

The new Nexus Q device from google is interesting. It can play music, YouTube videos, it connects to your phone and tablet and reminds me a lot of a AppleTV only for Android. The idea is kind of cool. What is cool about this is its potential. When google music came out it was confusing. Now it makes more sense. Google seems to be trying to build some sort of social music world. They seem to want you to pay for your music and download it legally, but not necessarily buy it from them. Google will surely have something more to add to their current line up of music related technology. Possible some sort of music downloading service, or a socially enabled music player, like Spotify. For now, the Nexus Q is just a novelty and probably a pretty good speaker too.

With so many different products similar to this, none have tickled my fancy enough to make me stop wondering why we don’t just plug our computers into our TVs more. It doesn’t look as pretty, but it can do everything any of these products can do plus a thousand other things. My prediction: Google will have trouble selling the Nexus Q — there might be more on the way soon that makes it a more usable device though.

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  1. How much does it cost?

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