Supreme Court Makes Ruling on Affordable Care Act

Today in a 5-4 vote the Supreme court has held up the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. The main point of debate was over the mandate that everyone buy health insurance or face high penalties. The government can do this because it is essentially another tax. Most people already have health insurance. So this won’t be a very noticeable problem for those of us that are already insured. The people who can’t afford insurance because of pre-existing conditions or a variety of other issues will be able to afford it now. Those who don’t have insurance, but can afford it, which is few, will most likely be getting it now.

Obama gave a compelling speech at the White House today to explain to us why this ruling will help America. He is right. It should make health care more affordable and those who have had to give it up will now be in good care. The political debate to follow this ruling will be what is really interesting. Despite the ruling, this is still a hot button issue and it will affect Obama’s campaign. It will be only good for him though. Romney will has “renewed” his pledge to repeal ObamaCare. He says that he will act to repeal it day one in office if he is elected. His reasons for this are political. Although he disagrees, many of his statements regarding factual information about ObamaCare are the opposite of what Obama says. So who do we believe? Who do we vote for? These are questions many Americans are asking today and in the coming months, how ObamaCare works will help them decide.

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  1. Wrong, wrong, wrong.
    The first thing Justice Roberts said was that the mandate itself was NOT – let me repeat that – NOT a tax. It did, however fall under the purview of the federal government’s AUTHORITY to administer fines and/or penalties under the new law. With all the exceptions under the mandate portion of the bill, less than one percent of Americans would even be eligible to get fined and/or penalized, and then, of course, only if they choose not to get insured.

  2. And that is why I did not say that the mandate itself WAS another tax – let me repeat – “ESSENTIALLY another tax.”

  3. I apologize. Semantics is a major tool in political rhetoric and most people don’t get that.

  4. Agreed. I’ll keep that in mind

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