The Truth About Sexuality

A few weeks ago President Obama publicly stated that he supports gay marriage. This led to many controversies between politicians and the public, which then led to people questioning whether Obama really did support gay marriage or if it was just a strategy to help him gain more votes in the next election. Very few states support gay marriage and with this new found gain in momentum for the President sexuality is more accepted.

In less than fifty years, the United States has become more accepting of homosexuality and now in the past few months it looks promising for homosexuals seeking equal rights. However, that is not what this article is about. We hear from the public a politician’s view of sexuality but to straight people they do not really understand most of the tribulations of being gay.

Historians have claimed that many people from the past have had lovers of the same-sex and that it wasn’t unreasonable to love a man or a woman. It was even said that people would have affairs with someone of the same-sex for an ample amount of time. Is it strange that now we do not accept gay marriage as something reasonable? Shakespeare’s sexuality was always questioned and his works still largely influence people today. We teach our children Shakespeare from nearly the time they are born despite our questions about his sexuality, so why is homosexuality still viewed negatively?

Civil rights movements for women’s rights and equality have now been accepted, but now the latest civil rights movement for the LGBTQ community isn’t. From the 1960s to 1990s it was the silent rule to be anti-homosexuals, even though the 70s had the theme of freedom and rock and roll dealt with drugs and sex. The 90s had a boom of free expression of sexuality. Many gay bars became prominent and people became open with their sexuality.

The media portrays bisexuality as the new hottest thing. You see on shows such as “Jersey Shore” and “Greys Anatomy”. It seems on every hip show that at least one girl kisses another which seems to boost the shows ratings. Is that what sexuality is to the public now; a form of sexual desire that can be seen but untouched?

What really is a problem is that the public never talks about is how bisexuality is looked down upon. In the gay community some radicals believe that you should choose whether you are straight or gay. The Black community also frowns down upon homosexuals, despite the fact that Wanda Sykes, a prominent African-American is a lesbian. Sykes is an African-American comedian actress.

Truthfully sexuality is what you make it, not how people try to conform you to their standards. Many people of different races and backgrounds can all come together to be of one equal world. Celebrities like Amber Heard, Ricky Martin, and Clay Aiken all are gay and support GLAAD as well as people discovering and harnessing their sexuality.


  1. Carina Browder says:

    Except the gay rights movement, unlike the Civil Rights Movement, has endorsements from major corporations. You didn’t see corporations openly moving to endorse the African-American Civil Rights Movement because there were little to no people of color (or sympathizers willing to move forward) in corporate positions to support them. Additionally, Black community as a whole doesn’t frown upon homosexuality. The NAACP has came out and endorsed same-sex marriage. There are many predominantly AA Pride events that happen year round, and one of the biggest is here in Atlanta. I’ve always been reluctant to draw that comparison because saying that the gay rights movement is the next civil rights movement feels like erasure when it comes to LGBTQ+ people of color.

  2. Shayana Galliher says:

    Great feed back however, maybe you should read the article again as I said some people in the black community. As of the comparison I was clearly talking about equal rights of all not really comparing as more saying that these two, women’s rights and equality, are now accepted so society should open up to the acceptance of gay rights. Also I wasn’t drawing my article towards the big corps or the media. I was talking more about the average african american feels toward the gay community. I’m really not sure if you read my article since you seem to be picking out some parts and writing about it. My article is about all sexuality whether it be hatred or average peoples feelings or the support from celebrities.

    • Carina Browder says:

      I see what you’re saying. My bad! It just felt like a blanket statement.
      And I could talk for days about your point on bisexuality. Completely agree.

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