What is ObamaCare?

ObamaCare, the name used by critics of President Obama’s efforts to reform health care, is a common term used to describe Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. On Thursday June 28, 2012, the Supreme Court upheld President Obama’s signature health care law’s individual insurance mandate in a 5-4 decision.

With the 2012 Presidential Election slowly approaching, it is important for young voters to clearly understand exactly what the candidate they are voting for stands by and why. The following is a clear outline of the arguments for and against ObamaCare to help voters make an educated decision come November 6th.

Argument FOR ObamaCare:

  1. Access to health insurance for 30 million Americans and lower premiums.
  2. The ability of businesses and individuals to purchase comprehensive coverage from a regulated marketplace.
  3. Insurers’ cannot discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions.
  4. Tax credits for small businesses that offer insurance. Small employers that purchase health insurance for employees are already receiving tax credits to encourage them to continue providing coverage.
  5. Assistance for businesses that provide health benefits to early retirees.
  6. Affordable healthcare for lower-income Americans. ObamaCare extends Medicaid to individuals with incomes up to 138% of the federal poverty line, guaranteeing that the nations most vulnerable population has access to affordable, comprehensive coverage.
  7. Investments in women’s health. ObamaCare prohibits insurers from charging women substantially more than men and requires insurers to offer preventive services
  8. Young adults ability to stay on their parents’ health care plans. More than 3.1 million young people have already benefitted from dependent coverage, which allows children up to age 26 to remain insured on their parents’ plans.
  9. Discounts for seniors on brand-name drugs.
  10. Coverage for the sickest Americans.

Arguments AGAINST ObamaCare:

  1. New taxes, penalties, and fees will discourage businesses from growing, lowering economic growth by $706 billion and costing 800,000 jobs.
  2. The Federal government will force the 18 million of the uninsured to go under Medicaid, while others must accept another governmental program. Despite this, millions will still remain uninsured.
  3. Each year, $125 million will go towards subsidizing school-based health centers and programs to reduce teen pregnancy, with no requirement to reduce abortions. Parents won’t know what services their children will receive.
  4. Half of those on Medicare Advantage will lose this coverage because of rate increases.
  5. Health care costs will rise because of the $47 billion in new taxes on drug companies and medical device markers.
  6. Nearly two-thirds of doctors are considering abandoning any kind of government-sponsored health care insurance, stating that regulations are too high and reimbursement too low.
  7. By forcing States to accept federally mandated health insurance, the Act violates States’ rights.
  8. Small businesses, the drivers of new job growth, will be especially penalized by $52 billion in new taxes and new IRS reporting requirements.
  9. Despite $500 billion in taxes, ObamaCare will increase the deficit by $500 billion over the next 10 years.

Who will you be voting for?

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  1. I personally feel that the premise of it is good but the actual carrying out is bad


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