Moonrise Kingdom: Get In Touch With Your Childlike Self

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I knew when I wanted to go to the theater yesterday that I wanted something original… you could even say quirky. So, we bought tickets for Moonrise Kingdom, and that is what we got: original and quirky. It was as refreshing yet familiar and humorous as a walk down memory lane – which would be another way to describe this movie. Perhaps not for all, but for me, this movie reminded me of middle school days. Perhaps even younger. Days where camp is the real world, love is unstoppable, (That’s not to say that love is not unstoppable, but believing that it’s unstoppable? You see that less as you get older.) awkwardness is key, and things can’t go wrong even when they already are. This is the mindset of youngsters. This movie made me crave that. It combined the funny things that kids do with the soft reminders of your own childhood with the realization that maybe being childlike and childish are two different things and that maybe we should all be a little more childlike. If only for the sake of our adventures to be had. This movie, for all of these, was an adventure I thoroughly enjoyed.

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