Summer Heat Strikes

Summer temperatures have been hitting record highs this season with this past week containing many temperatures over 100 degrees across the country. People everywhere are doing everything they can to avoid this hot summer heat by staying inside as much as possible. But one father from Kentucky has been arrested in direct relation to this sweltering hot weather.

Kenneth Robinson, 31, was arrested after leaving his two-year-old son in the back of his scorching hot car while he was at work. He told police that he forgot to drop his toddler, Brady, at day care on Monday, and instead drove straight to work. The little boy was strapped in his car seat in the back of the black sedan for two hours before one of Mr. Robinson’s colleagues noticed him and called 911.

The temperature outside was 85 degrees but topped 100 inside the car. Witnesses said the boy was alert but red-faced when discovered. He was taken to Saint Joseph Hospital for treatment. Brady’s mother Amanda Robinson rushed to be with her son at the hospital where the boy was kept overnight for observation, according to police.

Mr. Robinson, who pleaded not guilty, faces a felony charge of wanton endangerment and is due back in court on Tuesday for a preliminary hearing. Police Department detective Stacy Anderkin said if the child had been in the car for another half hour the outcome could have been very different.

This is the second case like this to occur in Kentucky. Last week, eight-month-old Lincoln Lindsay died of heat exposure when his dad left him in his car in Louisville for hours in sweltering heat. The baby died after his father drove to his workplace instead of dropping his son at day care as planned. He didn’t realize his son was in the car until he returned to the vehicle at the end of the day and saw little Lincoln in the back seat.

He then frantically drove to his home, five miles away and rushed into the house. The boy’s mother is a physician but all resuscitation attempts failed. Police are treating the boy’s death as an accident and the father has not been charged.

Parents are often unaware of the danger of leaving a child in a car, even on cooler days. The interior can reach 99 degrees in just 10 minutes on an 80-degree day according to Jan Null, a researcher in the Department of Geosciences at San Francisco University. As temperatures soar around the country, both cases are a sober reminder of the dangers of leaving children in a car in hot weather, even for a few minutes.

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