Party Location That Kills

The phrase “Party to Death” is true when it comes to the remote village of Vang Vieng, Laos. Looking for something new, college students from all over the world come to Vang Vieng because it’s the largest party capital in the world. However, there has been a spike in sudden deaths occurring there. You would believe that cities like Panama City or Cancun would be the place that every American student would want to go, but Vang Veing is now the hip party location.

At the remote village they have a plethora of games and fun. One of the main party games is “Train to Oblivion”. The game has a row of people that drink until the last person passes out who is the winner. With all the games and fun you can understand why many of the students go because it is a remote village with little to no authority to stop them. This becomes a problem because the students don’t know when to stop. There are tons of drugs, sex, and alcohol in the village to uphold the students. With all of the partying happening 24/7 many people lose their lives as a result of their own stupidity.

Students call Vang Veing “Crazy!” and others say, “It’s the spring break I never had”. The remote village has around 170, 000 visitors a year from America and Europe. Vang Vieng is nearly four hours from the Laotian capital so it isn’t hard for the students to travel to. What really brings the students to it is that it is a 24/7 party place. The only problem that seems to keep happening are the deaths. In 2011, 27 tourists died of various accidents. Most of them died from drowning or cracking their skulls on rocks while drunk. This didn’t help since there are zip lines, slides, and rope swings that are around the bars.

A doctor at the local hospital said that up to ten people a day come into the hospital with nasty injuries. One of the women scraped all of her face off on the rocks. Although many tourists are aware of these deaths and injuries, they still travel to Vang Vieng. The partying starts around midday and with alcohol prices around $1 it is easy to see how people get really drunk there. Many of the locals feel that it is very unfortunate that the village has now become a party place because just a few years ago it was a peaceful area.

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