Organization Battles Mental Illness Stigma

One of the biggest stigma’s in American society today is that of mental illness. Mentioning that a loved one has a mental illness brings about a hush to the conversation, an exchange of glances and a quick change of topic. Glenn Close founded as a way to try and change the thoughts surrounding mental illness. Bringchange2mind is a PSA based organization that boldly sells shirts labeled with different mental illnesses. A man casually walking around in a shirt with depression written simply across it bravely slaps the stigma aside. While society has not yet reached a point where anyone can casually bring up the mental illness that they struggle with, has recently been recognized by the Huffington Post. Musician John Mayer also donated his song “Say” to the soundtrack of the PSA.


  1. One of the biggest problems is using medication to treat the problem,Therapy is not used in mental health clinics for people who are disabled by this -they live on less than $800 a month,are allowed 15 minutes with the doctor and receive thousands of dollars of forced medication paid for by medicaid. The medicine makes them sick,unable to work and they live with the elderly and terminally ill people. My grandson at 26 years old is one of these people with no life,no hope and no real diagnosis. In court the phrase to destroy him was possible schitzophrenia and a forced guardian who now signs his forced medication contract every year. He is not violent and has never hurt anyone including himself He is intelligent but has given up. His rights and his freedom are gone. By the way the last psychiatrist he had was also a paid consultant for Pfizer and had made over $81,000 from Pfizer in a 3month time span while pushing the drugs on his patients. So who are the drug dealers in this country and who pays for the drugs.

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