Frank Ocean is Bisexual

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Right now, every website is discussing Frank Ocean’s coming out as a bisexual man and what a win this is for the LGBTQ community and how difficult this must’ve been for him to decide to do, and they’re right. However, I think people are comparing to this to the average scary decision for people in the LGBTQ community to reveal their sexualities to a judgmental society, when Frank Ocean’s decision is so much scarier and so much bigger.

As gradually more accepting as the world is becoming towards the LGBTQ community, the hip hop community is still lagging behind. Artists in the hip hop community find themselves bashed if they venture into softer genres like pop, if they were raised middle class or above, or just don’t have a thug image period. Hell, Drake gets called soft and clowned on a constant just for being too open with his emotions for the likes of the rap world. What’s going to happen to Frank Ocean whose career had only just began to take off. I know some of you are saying to yourselves, who cares about his sexuality, why does it even matter? And you’re right, but you know you’re still wrong. While me and you might not care, you know what some of our overly masculine peers in the hip hop community are saying right now? Any form of homosexuality just hasn’t received much tolerance in the past in the hip hop world. I’m even struggling to find a successful hip hop artist who’s been anything other than straight. Right now, none come to mind. And yes, I know Frank Ocean is more R&B than anything, but as a member of OFWGKTA, he finds himself subject to hip hop scrutiny.

Regardless of the negativity that I expect to come his way, I want to say that anyone who thinks logically should be taking their hat off to Frank Ocean right now because he’s done what people involved in hip hop have always been too scared to do, you can’t call him soft for that. Even if you don’t enjoy his music, or if you yourself still have issues with the LGBTQ community, you should understand why his coming out is worthy of a respect.

Check out his coming out letter below:

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