The Lumineers Shine Through

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The Lumineers is one of those bands that really just hits the right spot. Their self-titled debut came out in April of this year and it has retained a steady presence on pop and alternative charts. It was their first single “Ho Hey” that really put them on the fast track for fame — it was in a Bing commercial. However, there is more to the success of the Lumineers than just a catchy tune or two. People were ready for another great folk band after Mumford & Sons wet their appetite for the genre. Other bands have bubbled up — Alabama Shakes, The Tallest Man on Earth and so on — without the same exponential popularity received by the Lumineers. What is the difference and why are the Lumineers so great?

Behind the phedoras, suspenders, and white t-shirts is some real song writing talent. Wesley Shultz, guitar/vocals, and Jeremiah Fraites, drums/vocals, bring a raw, poetic stance to every song on the album. Almost every song starts off with simply a guitar and vocals giving the listener the feeling that they are at an intimate, personal concert. Shultz’s voice isn’t pretty, but neither are we. His guitar isn’t clean, it isn’t distorted, it is what it is and so are we. The Lumineers lyrics are rich with love and heartbreak that squelch out of the singer like they still hurt to say. The Lumineers hit us in a spot few artists today can.

With such a buzz created over just one album, really just over two or three songs, one has to worry about a downfall that is just as quick. However, there is a reason that the Lumineers don’t have a top ten song on itunes. Not one of their songs is pop enough for that. None of their songs truly stand out from the others. Their passion and presence is felt in every track. Their live performance is not bright and shiny, but honest and shows off their song writing talent. To put some op in this ed, I’d have to say, their outfits look very “marketable.” That is understandable though. I just hope it fails to detract some who see through this buzz because the entire album has something to say. The Lumineers are here for a while and we should enjoy them while we can.

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