Another Face to the Wayans Family

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You’ve probably heard about the Wayans Brothers and how they hit the comedy scene with famous shows and movies. Now, the next generation of the Wayans family is coming to the scene. Damon Kyle Wayans Jr., son to Damon Wayans, is an actor, writer, and stand up comedian. He has been in a variety of films and shows, but most would know him from his acting in “Happy Endings” as Brad Williams.

Damon made his film debut in his fathers film “Blankman” playing young Kevin. Also he was later on in his father’s TV show, “My Wife and Kids” as John and then he became a staff writer on the series. The character, Junior, was loosely based off of Damon Wayans Jr. Afterwards, he became a writer for “The Underground” and got a standing ovation at “Def Comedy Jam”. Later on, Damon starred in the comedy “Dance Flick” as the main character, Thomas.

In an interview with GQ magazine Damon talks about his childhood and his personal life. He talked about his uncle Shawn and the horrible breakdancing that appeared in his house often. Damon also proceeds to talk about his feelings toward the show “Happy Endings”. He says that he loves the way they switch up the roles of the husband and the homosexual man in the show. He says, “They wanna see a flamboyant homosexual guy so why not make that flamboyant homosexual the straight guy”. This is different from other shows that tend to give their characters the personalities associated with certain stereotypes.

As for what the show is doing next season, it is supposed to spin-off in fall of 2012 and there might be a new character. Damon Wayans Jr. says that he is excited for the show and that he wants to do more movies and showcase himself on TV.

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