Book Review: Domestic Violets

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It’s always wonderful to read a book and smile out of empathy. I use the word empathy intentionally. Domestic Violets by Matthew Norman is written in first person, the voice of a likable character, Tom Violet, going through things we can all relate to in one way or another. Watching someone else go through something or feel something you’ve felt or gone through provides an unusual opportunity for the reader to understand said situation or feeling in a way they might not have been able to before. Many, like I did, would appreciate this new perspective. You see, even though the storyline is rather unique, it’s not hard to find something within its pages that rings familiar. This creates an exceptional blend of interesting storyline while feeling personally involved. Not to mention, the novel makes you smile out of humor; a wonderful addition to this blend. For a perfect beach-side book, or the kind of comfort only empathy can give, pick up Domestic Violets. It’s easy to read, but wonderfully written. The “back cover” synopsis doesn’t do the level of writing justice — the perfect balance of easy to read with great writing.

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