Photographer Captures The Last Moments Before Euthanization

An Associated Press article highlighted the work of Tou Yun-fei, a photographer in Taiwan who is bringing attention to euthanization practiced by Taiwanese shelters.

Yun-fei is dedicated to giving a voice to the thousands of overlooked dogs who fall victim to lethal injection.  For two years, Yun-fei photographed dogs just moments before they are euthanized. His photos capture the many stories these animals have to tell. From the photo of a clueless puppy only two months old to one of an old tired mutt, Yun-fei forces people to deal with the chilling reality of Taiwan’s high animal euthanization rate.

The animals were often abandoned by their owners and left to wonder the streets. Once taken in by the shelters, these dogs live on a deadline. After only 12-days in the shelter, the dogs are killed. In 2012 Taiwanese shelters are expected to euthanize approximately 80,000 stray dogs.

With 40,000 photographs, Yun-fei aims to send a serious message to dog owners in Taiwan.  An exhibit for his art is scheduled for next month at the Fine Arts Museum in Kaohsiung.



  1. Donna Powell says:

    This gentleman is a saint. God bless him

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