Better Average Than Extreme

I’ve never believed in too much exercise, but now the experts are saying that too much exercise can be fatal. I used to play basketball and throw for track, so I’ve had my heavy workouts, but I would’ve never believed that they could cause more harm than help. When I was in high school it seemed to be the norm when it came to practice right after school for 3 hours everyday and games 2 to 3 times a week. In every sport, whether it is as intense as soccer or as strong as swimming, the player seems to suffer not only physical fatigue, but mental fatigue as well. Recent studies have shown that many players in high school grow up to have some bone or muscle problems.

Is this what we planned for when we first stepped on the court or field our freshman year of high school? I know that when I first began playing my sports, it was so that I could keep my body healthy and that seems to be what other players planned on too. I am not saying that we should completely stop exercising, because it is healthy and it will help keep our lovely shapes, however, there needs to have a balance.

In health class, I learned that to maintain a healthy body weight I would have to do more than my hourly walks up and down the stairs to class. I would have to go out and at least take a 30-minute jog a day. I also found that our country is the WORST when it comes to weight problems. I thought this was ridiculous because my community is full of die hards when it comes to exercise. However, as usual, I was wrong. Our country needs a change and that is exactly what Michelle Obama is promoting with the new plate for a healthy lifestyle. As this unhealthy weight problem in the US rises there is also another silent killer in the mist.

The silent killer is…too much exercise! Shocking, I know. Lab tests have shown that 5 out of every 40 players in sports will suffer heart problems after a season. This means that all those people that exercise way too much could suffer bone, heart, and muscle problems more than the average person. Trainers say that it is okay to push yourself, just in increments. Also they say that you should try to balance it out with a couple of easy days and hard days.

You hear about those celebrities that work out constantly for that sexy body in their upcoming movies, but what makes them different from the average person is that they have trainers that know how to push and how to ease back on them. They also have a set diet, which is a key in the healthy lifestyle. For the average person they should work out 3 to 5 times a week for 1 to 2 hour increments. For more information go to

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