Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

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If you are like me, the fascination with vampires in the 21st century is probably extremely unbearable. With movies and television shows such as The Twilight Saga, Dark Shadows, True Blood and Blood Ties, the vampire craze is becoming quite agitating and the thought of spending $10 at the theater to watch yet another vampire film is probably not that amusing to you.

Vampires, once a  frightening fable about a preternatural being that feeds off of the living by sucking their blood has now been turned into a mockery. With the deplorable teenage love story of Twilight and the raunchy television show True Blood, vampires have now become the laughingstock of mythical creatures, falling right below unicorns.  Despite such horrendous movies and lewd television shows that have sadly been passed off as entertainment and that have made a mockery of an old-time myth that used to be frightening, there is one movie this year that will change your perception of vampires back to the bloodcurdling un-dead that kills the living without hesitation.

Making its theater debut on June 22nd 2012, the new Timur Bekmambetov  directed action film Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter re-invents the 16th president of the United States as a Vampire Hunter, who is out for revenge after a vampire by the name of Jack Bart, murders his mother. Set in the 19th century, Bekmambetov uses  heartfelt historical events such as the death of Abraham Lincoln’s mother, his marriage to Mary Todd, the death of Lincoln’s first child “Willie” Lincoln, the Civil War, and the presidency of Abraham Lincoln to successfully create an action packed thriller that stands out significantly from the surplus of repetitious and wearisome vampire movies that have been killing our brain cells for the last 4 years.

Despite harsh criticisms, Bekmambetov does an excellent job creating a movie that is unique in its own way to start off the summer. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is an exciting thriller that  is a must see in theaters!


  1. lmaooo @ vampires have become the laughing stock of mythical creatures.

  2. whoever wrote this is a genius… she should be the CEO of this company

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