Death by self made Gas Chamber

Edna St. Vincent Millay once said, “Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies”. Unfortunately, 4 days ago death cruelly claimed the lives of two children, preventing them from ever reaching adulthood.

On July 5th 2012, 5-year-old Trever Noel, Jr and 4 month old Lillian Noel were murdered by the mother, 29-year-old, Lisette Bamenga. Police sources within the New York Police Department said that Bamenga forced her two children to drink a toxic wiper fluid and then turned the Bronx apartment into a self made gas chamber by turning on the gas chamber and sealing the apartment windows with plastic and duct tape.

Sources eventually confirmed that Bamenga tried to take her own life by slicing her wrists in the apartment. Police made their way to the apartment after responding to reports of a gas leak in a ninth-floor apartment located in Bronx, New York. The police found three people thought to be unconscious due to the gas leak in the apartment until a closer looked revealed two children dead of unknown causes and a 29-year-old African-American female unconscious with “minor lacerations” to both of her wrists.

Police apparently found a suicide note in the apartment where Bamenga confessed to the murder of her children, stating she was taking them to a “better place”.

Bamenga has now been charged with two counts of first degree murder for the heinous killings of her two children.


  1. It’s one thing for the mother to want to take her own life, but why take your children’s lives. This is so very sad.

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